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Vintage FRENCH

Paris chic vintage Phinney-Walker alarm clock, the dial is surrounded by rhinestones ~ all original and none missing ~ in square gold colored settings. The face is marked Phinney-Walker, Germany and the bottom of the clock says, "Case Made in France." The alarm works well, but it's missing the knob that you turn to set the alarm. The "stem" that the knob would attach to is there, and can be turned with a pair of tweezers, but I'm sure the knob could be replaced. It runs and keeps time, but I found that it has to sit tilted forward a little or it stops ticking. Has a tiny flea bite that is hard to detect, as well as a chip in the back of the clock case, as shown.
Height: 3-1/2"
Condition:Very good
(see About Us page for condition scale)
Price: $32.95


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