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Hello! It's our pleasure to serve you today. If you're shopping for vintage, you're most likely familiar with and accepting of the characteristic flaws and minor wear that many vintage items will have. Some of our items will be new old stock, and therefore flawless, but more often they will have small signs of use. I do limit what I stock my shop with to pieces with only the kinds of flaws that would not stop me from wearing them. If I have an item that I feel has merit but needs more serious repair, I will occasionally offer the item on eBay.

A word about sizing and condition...
Since vintage sizing is not the same as today's standards for sizing, it is important to pay close attention to the measurements given for each item, for optimal fit and satisfaction.

Condition classifications:
Flawless ~ no problems of any sort
Excellent ~ no wear visible without close scrutiny
Very good ~ minor wear with very forgiving blemishes
Good ~ noted problems, reflected in item's pricing

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If in doubt please email us your questions & enjoy a carefree shopping experience!

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